Pandora’s Jar Returns!

If you didn’t know She had a Jar, then you should have a read through ‘Pandora Unboxed’

Many years ago, at a time when the Internet was a military secret, I edited a magazine, the sort one typed by hand, printed on paper and sent by snailmail. That was “Pandora’s Jar”, the title succeeding from “The Pipes of PAN”. Life being what it was, publication ceased in 1993.

One of Pandora’s overbubbling jars, situated just outside the house.

It would surely be wrong for me to say that I’m carrying on where that venture left off. I would hope I’ve learned a thing or two since those days. My whiskers have whitened, my trees have grown, and likewise the children, now beautiful adults who have brought grandchildren into my life.

I’ve lived in this place for more than thirty years now – an acre on a watershed hillside in Carmarthenshire, Wales, adjoining an anciently sacred mountaintop. I grow vegetables, cut firewood, dance in a maze, talk to the rocks, light the circle fire to greet the spirits.

Cover artwork for issue no. 1 of Pandora’s jar, 1991

Being a Virgo, I tend to think too much about everything. That’s never been easy – much in the world seems closer to disaster than when I was younger. Back then, I was very much an eco-activist – it’s good to see a new generation picking up this task. I hope you will find these posts interesting, challenging, and sometimes inspiring. I wanted to subtitle them as “Pagan Spirituality, Pagan Ministry, Pagan Life, Pagan Politics”. That could encompass just about everything I might think of! If you like them, please follow the blog and share it with friends in the usual way.


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