Funerals and Memorials

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This page is about the practicalities of funerals and memorials. I wrote a longer essay about my experiences at Practical Katabasis and there’s also a poem at Going Down

Death always comes as a shock, even when we think it a mercy. As well as psychological and spiritual pain, the bereaved can suffer physical illness. As funeral celebrant we can but try to help you through this – it’s not usually a role that the bereaved want to take on for themselves. There are no legal requirements for funerals, other than avoiding ‘indecent’ or ‘grossly disrespectful behaviour’ so the ceremonies can be entirely as you wish. Our perspective is very much within the Pagan spiritual traditions – we think it is important to stress this because of the general hopeless atheism of our society. We can celebrate ‘without any religion’ if that is what you want, but what follows is the result of our experience.

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..death as not the end, promises of the guide and of rebirth

..involving the mourners – ribbons

.. speakers – Isis Black Robe

Rachel writes:

I met Rufus when I lost my boy friend in a motor bike accident.  He was 48.  From the moment I emailed Rufus he was so supportive.  Me and Steven were the only Pagans in our families.  But Rufus put our families at ease and explained in easy terms for them to understand. This took the pressure off me at such a difficult time. The service Rufus conducted was beautiful. I know Steven would have been pleased.  All the people present were moved and expressed how lovely the service was.